Ionfarms Co., Ltd., established in 2001, is a specialized manufacturing and exporting company. Our main products are water ionizers and hydrogen water products. We are producing and exporting various eco-friendly well-being products and water ionizers that can improve the quality of life and protect the environment

Ionfarms is forming an international sales network in various regions around the world. In the water ionizer sector, it was the first company in the industry to be awarded the annual export tower of 5 million dollars by the Korean government.

Ionfarms is constantly striving to create better value for existing products. To this end, we established a government-accredited research institute in 2012 and are continuously investing in R&D for new and innovative products based on this.

IonFarms seeks to enrich life through constant innovation to provide fundamental solutions to the immediate problems people are facing and to offer differentiated services.

Ionfarms strives to become a company that values customers, protects the environment, and practices sharing.

“We believe that what we do today makes the world a better place.”


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