• Washboard Effect

    Washing is done by the frictional force made between the protruding bumps on 1THEWASHBALL and clothes, and it is further enhanced by the water pressure spurting through the bumps.

  • Far-Infrared Ceramic

    Far-infrared ceramic decrease water cluster to 5~6. The water with small clusters performs interfacial activation, strengthening surface tention. This makes water easily penetrate deep inside clothes or fabrics to remove dirt.

  • Alkaline Cerimic

    Alkaline ceramic of 1THE WASHINGBALL alkalize water in the washing tub to about the level done by synthetic detergents. Alkalized water easily cleanses proteain and greases, two major pollutants of clothes.

  • Anti-bacterial Ceramic

    Anti-bacterial ceramic generate electrons(e-) and holes(H+), and holes particularly form hoghly oxidizing radical(-OH) to have anti-bacterial properties.

  • Magnetic Ceramic

    Magnetic water treatment (also known as anti-scale magnetic treatment or AMT) is a method of supposedly reducing the effects of hard water by passing it through a magnetic field as a non-chemical alternative to water softening.

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