1the washingball

The Winner of the Well Tech Awards 2009 - Sustainability.

Is it really possible to do laundry without detergents? Can this small blue ball really clean dirty towels, shirts and jeans.

Far-infrared ceramic and magnet balls split water clusters and excite the water molecules, turning ordinary tap water into activated water that is optimized for removing stains.  The activated water has higher washing power and penetrates in between fabric fibers more easily than tap water.

  • Washboard Effect

    Washing is done by the frictional force made between the protruding bumps on 1THEWASHBALL and clothes, and it is further enhanced by the water pressure spurting through the bumps.

  • Far-Infrared Ceramic

    Far-infrared ceramic decrease water cluster to 5~6. The water with small clusters performs interfacial activation, strengthening surface tention. This makes water easily penetrate deep inside clothes or fabrics to remove dirt.

  • Alkaline Cerimic

    Alkaline ceramic of 1THE WASHINGBALL alkalize water in the washing tub to about the level done by synthetic detergents. Alkalized water easily cleanses proteain and greases, two major pollutants of clothes.

  • Anti-bacterial Ceramic

    Anti-bacterial ceramic generate electrons(e-) and holes(H+), and holes particularly form hoghly oxidizing radical(-OH) to have anti-bacterial properties.

  • Effective Micro Organism Ceramic

    Effective Micro Organism ceramic is added TiO2, which, upon exposure to infrared rays of 380nm, casuses photo-catalysis, and gnerates the two kinds of active oxygen types of superoxide radical(O2-) and Hydroxyl(-OH) to remove odd and stains.

Feel good to do something nice to earth.

Over 3 million people all over the world are using 1THE washingball. You can contribute to make our planet a little cleaner and feel a little catharsis today.

“We believe that what we do today makes the world a better place.”


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