How To Use

Economical and ecological, the 1THE WASHBALL is composed uniquely of natural ceramics contained in a plastic non-toxic sphere. It was created scientifically to clean clothes without using any detergent.

Compared to a regular washing process, 1THE WashBall reduces the risks of allergic reactions linked to the use of detergent, eliminates germs, contributes to well-being, saves money, and protects nature.

• Well-being: no side effects due to detergent residue on your linen.
• Antibacterial: eliminates pathogenic germs.
• Economical: eliminates detergents (a saving of approximately 1000$ over three years), on the electricity bill (washing at 50°C maximum for all your linen, even your white linen).
• Ecological (without phosphates): protects water and groundwater.

Instructions for use

separate the white linen from the colored linen.Put 1THE WASHIBALL in the drum of your washing machine in the middle of the dirty linen. Turn your wash­ ing machine on. At the end of the washing cycle,remove your linen which will be clean and healthy.


Can be used in traditional washing machines (in washer-dryers: remove the 1THE WASHBALL before the drying cycle). Do not wash your clothes above 50°C. Can be used for hand washing (let the garment soak for an hour with the 1THE WASHBALL before washing). For very dirty clothes,add 1/5 of the usual dose of detergent.

Life span

It can be used for three years based on one 4 kg daily laundry. Over 4 kg use two WashBalls. To safeguard its efficiency: place the 1THE WashBall in the sun for 1 hour every month to regenerate the ceramic micro balls.

How the 1THE WASHBALL works

Powerful far-infrared rays emitted by the WashBall break the hydrogen molecule of water to increase molecular movement. This gives water a high penetration capacity and improves its washing properties. 1THE WashBall emits negative ions, which weaken the adherence of dirt on fabric so that it is easily removed without using detergent.

  • The 1THE WashBall has a pH of about 1O, equivalent to an ordinary chemical detergent. This treats grease and organic or chemical stains efficiently.
  • The 1THE WashBall eliminates chlorine compounds in water and decreases its external pressure, increasing its washing power.
  • Finally, the 1THE WashBall eliminates pathogenic germs in your washing machine’s water, giving clean and healthy linen.

Using 1THE WASHBALL eliminates detergents

  • You eliminate allergic risks linked to detergent residues on your clothes and linen.
  • 1THE WashBall safeguards your linen from bleaching, and oxidation, caused by chlorine diluted in water. Fabrics remain elastic.
  • 1THE WashBall has an antibacterial effect.
  • Due to its efficiency, there is no need to add any bleaching or other additive to your detergent.

Tip: You can also place a 1THE WASHBALL in the refrigerator, it helps maintain the freshness of fruits, vegetables, meat and fish.

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